We had utmost pleasure to design office interiors on commission of The Walt Disney Company. The interiors designed by Max Kobiela become unique thanks to the creation of new phormy (Polish for forms). The idea to combine brands belonging to The Walt Disney Company was materialized in the entrance area. These are: Disney productions, PiXAR animations, MARVEL STUDIO comics and films as well as STAR WARS saga. Flagship brand characters were selected to become the initial inspiration for four prototype armchairs. That’s how Mickey Mouse (Disney), Woody (Toy Story/Pixar), Hulk (Marvel) and Chewbacca (Star Wars) appeared in the reception area.

What is more, individual designs, such as: the floor lamp – Woodpeck Greg, and the desk lamp Jack Sparrow as well as the compact armchair NUT, were developed within the CEO’s office interior design. The style of the office comes back to an original graphic used in the project originating from the already classic Disney production “Sleeping Beauty” from 1959. The graphic with a view of a forest has become an inspiration and a reference point for the atmosphere introduced into the interiors. Hence the form of the lamps – birds, and of thearmchair – a nut.

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When it comes to Disney productions, the choice was obvious. The designer faces the icon – Mickey Mouse. An armchair was created whose seat makes a reference to Mickey’s outfit: classic red and huge buttons. The back of the armchair brings up the distinctive ears of the cartoon character. The whole armchair was based on round shapes set on fine openwork legs.


Disney Pixar is represented by Woody from the well-known Toy Story. With a cowboy as the main character, we decided to head for the Wild West. Denim, a saloon, a sheriff and a rocking chair appeared. Solid American chestnut wood was used for the poles of the armchair, the same kind of wood was used for butts in Winchester rifles. Finally, a compact and unique rocking chair was created that is definitely more like a “toy” than a grandma’s rocker. The effect is strengthened by the mechanism sewn in the back of the rocker: when a string is pulled, it says a line from the movie with the character’s voice by Toms Hanks.



From among Marvel characters Hulk was selected. To turn the muscular, green giant into an armchair without being literal was no mean feat. Max Kobiela offered his vision and transformed Hulk into a massive armchair with a width of 130cm(!). The broad chest as the back of the armchair and references to the six-pack – all in a green polygonal phorm. A purple string “scar” motive at the back makes the whole even more expressive.



Everybody knows Star Wars. Whole generations took part in intergalactic journeys. Star War wouldn’t exist without Chewbacca! The furry warrior from planet Kashyyyk interpreted by the designer got reborn in the form of an armchair. The search for the “perfect” upholstery fur went through Germany, Italy and China in order for the best possible option to be used. The Chewbacca armchair following the character took a slim, organic form dressed in auburn-brown fur. The characteristic ammunition belt simply had to be there. The high 160cm(!) revolving chair decorates the interior of the Disney office entrance area where it’s a favorite armchair and a great selfie background.


The floor lamp Woodpeck Greg and the desk lamp Sparrow Jack were created with a reference to the graphics from Disney production “Sleeping Beauty”. Designing lamps inspired by birds undoubtedly posted a challenge. Finally, synthetic forms based on simple shapes and varied mainly in the proportions of a slim woodpecker and a stout sparrow were created. Details such as the red “visor” of the woodpecker and its wings from symmetrically set American chestnut wood add more charm to the lamps.



The NUT armchairs refer directly to the Woodpecker and Sparrow lamps as well as the forest style. Following the Client’s expectations, a seat for brief meetings in the CEO’s office of The Walt Disney Company was to be created. The simple form and the compact size successfully met the demand. The low seat formed by a slanting cut connotes a nut shell, thus its name: NUT.