dimensions width 1190/1550/1920/2280 | height 530 | depth 400 mm

material acrylic engraved or flat laminate | oak | powder coated steel base

project Max Kobiela [2016]

Every item of LOWBO has an individual numbered nameplate. Order Yours.

LOWBO is a simplicity and minimalism introduced into living space. The name is an abbreviation from low-board what is mirrored in its proportions. It was created with the thought of TV furniture however its form is universal and possibilities of individualizing the furniture allow wider use. Parametric design of LOWBO furniture allows us to produce units from 120 cm up to over 220 cm of length.

The LOWBO family received the MUST HAVE 2018 mark and was honored by MEBLE PLUS 2018 in the DESIGN category.

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